Braun Series 7 Targets Hip Hop Industry

Braun Series 7 advertisement

The shaving industry has been known for having athletes promote their products.

Here is a famous advertisement for Braun with Jose Mourinho who is a famous soccer coach in Europe.

So companies like Braun and Gillette have established themselves in the “sports” arena in terms of promotion.

So now they’re targeting the music industry. First they plan to make new Braun Series 7 commercials with hip hop beats, and then perhaps have a famous musician sponsor their shavers.

The target market for electric shavers is huge, and no matter what kind of music you listen to, if you have a beard or facial hair, you still need to shave.

So this could be a new avenue for shaving businesses, to partner up with musicians. We haven’t really seen it happen yet, but who knows if it will.

Although this is still speculation, having a hip hop star in a new Braun shaving commercial does sound pretty cool.

And it’s probably a good marketing technique. Sure athletes have perhaps a bigger reach than rap and hip hop stars, but the music industry can greatly influence their followers. If a famous rock star would promote a Series 7 shaver, trust me lots of people would be buying them.

You can find more shaving information at For specifics on the Series 7 from Braun, check out this page:

For everything related to beards, visit this link:

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How to Get Your Music Promoted and Found

So you wrote a song.

Great, now what?

Well you can go and post it to social media websites.

That’s actually the first step you should take, and it’s extremely important.

Many singers have been found because of their exposure online through social media sites. These can be:

Other video sharing sites

If you have something great, your music can certainly go viral.

But depending on your music to go viral is not the only thing you should do.

The other thing you need is a brand manager. Someone who’s in charge of your online promotion.

If you want to actually meet the person, then you might want to find someone who specializes in local search engine optimization.

For example, if you lived in Toronto, you would want to hire someone with Toronto SEO services.

If you lived in Guelph, you would want to hire a Guelph SEO company.

If you don’t live in a large city where you can meet with a local expert, then perhaps you should search for someone who specializes in just promoting musicians.

The truth is, anyone that can promote and build a presence online, can do it in most industries, especially if you’re just starting out.

At the beginning you can do some of this yourself. But once you get pretty busy, you will want to hire an expert.

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Brett Manning’s Singing Success

Singing Success 360

If you want to sing better and improve your vocals, consider this review of Singing Success.

Brett Manning created a great program for teaching his students how to sing, and this was over 15 years ago. He put all his findings into a program called Singing Success.

It is by far the best tool available online for getting coaching for your vocals.

Benefits of Coaching for Singers

People really don’t realize how much GOOD coaching can help them out.

A secrete that most people don’t realize is that all TOP PERFORMERS get some type of coaching. And by top performers I’m not only referring to musicians. Top people all over the world get coaching. Presidents, athletes, top CEOs, all these so called successful individuals get coaching. Mentoring is not for the small people that are struggling. People who are having great success continue to get training every week.

So your job is to realize this, and consider getting your own mentor.

If you want a mentor in the realm of singing, then consider Brett and his program.

These days, there is a new mentoring and training program called 360. Here is a cool video about it:

If you want more information on whether this stuff actually works, just head over to YouTube and watch some reviews/ testimonials.

You’ll find literally hundreds of positive reviews. People want use it and follow through with the program see results.

After researching all these reviews it’s clear that ANYONE can improve their voice. Just like CEOs can improve their management skills, you can improve your voice. Think about it, a CEO must have some management skills in order to become a CEO. But he/she is always improving. That’s a trait of a top performer.

If you want to be a top performer guess what, you need to train, practice and get the right guidance for your particular skill.

Obviously here we’re discussing your voice. To improve your pitch, tone, high notes, you need to get input from a professional.

Get some training and watch people’s reactions to your new voice. Trust me you’ll be happier after using a program like this one outlined here.

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How to Make Beats Online


If you want to learn how to make beats online, you need to visit a website dedicated to giving you the resources you need to get started.

We found the the best beat making software and DJ software products come from a few different companies. There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to these products.

The same site that can help you improve your singing voice, also provides reviews on beat making programs for DJs and producers.

So if you need to learn how to sing better, or produce wild and crazy beats online, then check out

These days, you do not have to be a record producer with a huge home studio to produce and make music. Just like you don’t have to actually visit a singing coach to get sing lessons, you don’t have to go New York or Los Angeles in order to produce your own beats.

You can do all that stuff in house how with cool programs.

Technology has moved and progressed so fast over the last few years that literally anyone with an internet connection can start making music. And trust me, that’s a lot of people. You can trade stocks online, do FaceTime with your family half way across the globe, and you can now create wild and crazy beats from your laptop.

It’s pretty awesome, and if you’re interested, the sky is the limit when it comes to producing this stuff.

All you need is passion, which makes it fair for everyone. But this also means that passion and drive is literally what is separate the best from others. You can’t rely on contacts anymore. So skill and determination will prevail when it comes to music in the near future.

Do you need experience to use these programs?

If you have an image of a particular DJ booth or recording studio, you may have an image of a complex system with tons of dials a buttons.

That’s sort of the old school way of producing music. Now all you need is a computer keyboard.

Honestly it’s that easy, and the programs themselves are super user friendly. None of this 3 step process to input beats. These programs are so so user friendly.

They are definitely worth trying, and most come with money back guarantees.

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